Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Remove a Trojan Virus

Trojan virus malicious computer program designed to infect a Computer by changing its desktop or delete the important data files.

How does effect your computer

• Unexpected error and Messages comes
• Your important data files and Programs may lost
• Your Computer Desktop Setting may change automatically
• Your computer Restarts automatically
• It takes lots of time to shut down
• Computer hard disk or disk drives not open some time

Few Step for Trojan virus Removal

For Microsoft Windows Users –
• Go to the my computer then click Properties' after that you need to click 'System Restore' tab
• Put a checkmark in the ' Off System Restore' box
• Then go to 'Apply', click on 'Yes' and then 'OK'
• Now Update antivirus program with security
• Next Run a scan to detect and eliminate the malicious Trojan files
• Now Most import step Edit the Computer backup registry entry next to going into 'Start' menu.
• Go to the 'Run' window, key in 'regedit' and then click on 'OK'
• Now you can find out the registry entry which is link to the Trojan files. These files can be prefix as 'HKEY' with the file path. Go to the registry entry and now remove it in order to get ensure that the Trojan virus file is fully removed.
• Now you can Again Restart your computer in order to get all the changes effective

For extra and more security,for you can delete cookies, internet history and download history.

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