Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mac book Air vs Sony Viao Z

Sony Viao Z is one of the best and one such laptop which challenges Macbook. The features in Sony Viao Z are simply awesome and they are almost same or better than Mac book. Again the design of this laptop is simply awesome and therefore it sends a message to Apple, to re-think about the design.

Sony’s latest Z series, as per the published stipulations, is certainly over Mac book Air. Sony has stepped a foot forward, when it comes to design. The design of Sony Viao Z is better than Mac and now Apple needs to re-think about slimmer options. But the updates and class of Apple are great and if Sony is to challenge Apple, they need to be much focused. The Mac book Air has a great software support and it depends on how Apple tackles with its update.
Let’s draw a comparison between the Sony Viao Z and Mac book Air…

13.3 inch Sony Viao

Ø Chassis: 0.66 inches thick, 2.6 pounds, carbon filter.

Ø Graphics: Internal Intel Sandy Bridge, external AMD 6650M GPU.

Ø Processor: Sandy Bridge Core i5, i7 standard voltage.

Ø Storage: solid-state drive only, up to 512GB.

Ø Connector: Light Peak, aka Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0 on dock.

Ø Broadband: Option for Wireless WAN.

Ø Display: 13.3 inch, up to 1600x900 resolutions.

Ø Battery: internal battery rated at 7hours.

Ø OS: Windows 7

Ø Price: As announced in Europe, standard configuration starts at over $3,000.

13.3-inch MacBook Air:

Ø Chassis: 0.68 inches thick, 2.9 pounds, aluminum.

Ø Graphics: Internal Intel Sandy Bridge.

Ø Processor: Sandy Bridge Core i series.

Ø Storage: solid-state drive only.

Ø Connector: Thunderbolt.

Ø Broadband: N/A.

Ø Display: 13.3-inch, up to 1440x900 resolutions.

Ø Battery: internal battery rated at 7 hours.

Ø OS: OS X Lion.

Ø Price: Standard configuration $1,299.

In all the fields other than price and Operating system, Sony is one foot ahead of Apple, but while buying a laptop, these two criterions are the most important. So it is up to you what you go with.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Security threats for iphone and Google Android!!!

Now-a-days most of the people across the world take The Google Android Smart phone to be better than iphone. There are various sources that compare the phones and there are various reasons why the android Smartphone is better than iphone. The operating systems are also quite different and therefore the users are quite happy to use the Google android Smart phone. The operating systems of the iphone and the Google Nexus are quite secured as they are designed by keeping security in mind. The operating system used in these phones is superior even to the traditional desktops. According to Symantec, the operating system used in these phones is faster and better than the operating system used in the traditional desktops.

It is found that apple has a better access control over provenance and encryption in iOS and it provides enhanced security to the phone. But Google is better at application isolation. A 23-paged “whitepaper” was released by Symantec which had the detailed result on the various virus attacks, malware attacks and spywares. The mobile’s data integrity and social engineering attacks are also found to be the main problems to these two operating systems.

Apple has provided the people with a list on which applications are to be used on the phone but it is not the case with Google. There are no such listed applications for the Google Android, and therefore the users can go for any applications which run on their phone. So you can choose amongst the best phone for you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mobile Security threats finally overcame!!!

Do you have problems with your mobile phone? Is malware a big problem for you? Android phones have become very common to the people and there are various applications as well which affect the android. There are different types of antivirus which promise to kill the malwares and bring the malicious apps to an end. You always ponder on the various antivirus found in the market and hence these virus removal tools promise to make your mobile free from viruses and malwares.

But there are much more threats then simply malwares and anti viruses. There is a great threat of your mobile being stolen. So in order to keep your mobile aloof from all these worries, get the latest mobile security provided by ESSET.

ESSET mobile security for mobile offers various useful functions like anti theft, call blocking, sms blacklisting and much more. This application is found free and moreover it is found in the beta version. This is a quite useful device and when installed, immediately shows the threats. There are various options which provide the anti theft, anti malware and other useful features. The anti theft security makes it a great security application. The people across the world are in a fix about losing their cell phones and thus do not go for costly phones. Let me explain about the anti theft feature. When your mobile is lost and the SIM is changed, the ESSET mobile security locks the phone and an alert message is sent to a defined number in the security system.

ESSET not only makes it easier for you to safeguard against theft but also protects your mobile from the security threats.

Leaders in Software Services-Microsoft is the best!!!

Software business is one of the most instantly changing fields and therefore the people across the world have migrated to it. It is now driven by innovation, creativity and technological evolution. The list of best software producers who are amongst the top 10 companies, have been contributing the most in the field of software. These software producers have almost half of the software revenues of the market. These companies provide technical support to the customers as well.

1. Microsoft: Microsoft is undoubtedly the best and the largest producer of new software. It has crossed an amount of $45 billion for software revenue worldwide and therefore it is termed as the best and the largest producer of the software. According to Microsoft their best buy is Skype and other VoIP software. Microsoft owned Skype for $8.56 million. The main motive of Microsoft behind going for Skype was to keep it aloof from Facebook and Google. Again Microsoft has some other plans as well. The telephone infrastructure of Skype could be used to enhance live messenger and Windows Phone 7.

2. IBM : This software giant, is undoubtedly one of the oldest in the software and the hardware field. IBM is now the 2nd largest software service provider with worldwide software revenue of $20 billion. If you have a look at the market trend of IBM it is not as good as Microsoft.

3. Oracle : Oracle is the largest database management system provider in the world. Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems made it contribute to the hardware world as well. It is the 3rd largest company when it comes to software revenue.

4. EMC : EMC is the primary producer of commercial data storage equipment. But it has also contributed towards the software services. It has $6 billion in worldwide software revenue and therefore it has been one of the leading software service providers.

5. Symantec : Symantec is mainly known for the security software. It is quite popular for Norton Antivirus. It is a pure software company whose complete turnover comes from software. It has $5.6 billion revenue and comes amongst the top five best software service companies.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Windows Phone 7: Some new Windows Phone 7 apps!!!

With the inception of Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 7, the craze for Windows phone has increased a lot. But Windows Phone 7 is not officially supported in mainland China. This has made most of the useful and sweet looking Windows Phone 7 applications unavailable in this part of the world.
But there are some very cute looking apps developed by the Chinese companies for WP7. These apps are handy as well as cute. These applications are of different types and they make using WP7 easier.
1. QQ Browser
The QQ Browser is a brand new product launched by Tencent in order to give browsing in a Windows Phone 7, a complete new edge. This application is a complete new introduction to the market with v1.0.0. According to the reviews, it is one of the best and has a restricted selection to one side from mobile IE.
2. QQ instant-messenger
Tencent’s new application, QQ instant-messenger is an omnipresent WP7 application. This application gives a major boost to the platform and hence every user of the phone uses the QQ applications. It is so because of the features which QQ apps provide the user.
3. is basically a video sharing site and a playing app, which is developed by indie developer. This application can not only be used with WP7 but also with android as well as with iphone. Tudou has released some of the screenshots of the application.
4. is a dating site and a functional application for Windows Phone 7. This is a fully functional application for those who enjoy flirting and wooing.
5. Sina Weibo
Sina Weibo is the most used twitter clone and micro blogging application. Sina Weibo has enhanced access to complete tweeting searching and follower management feature. Moreover this application has an HQ access and it is quite handy as well.

Monday, June 20, 2011

CISCO Router In the Market!!!

Routers are of various types and they provide the different connections to undergo. The CISCO smooth Linksys E4200 is a great help to the people across the world and it is one of the main reasons why the Internet speeds up. It is a wireless top-of-the-line router which comes with 802.11n. It is very smooth and the best part is that it is from CISCO, ehich are termed as the best. When you talk of routers, you always prefer CISCO Wireless Routers. But the only drawback of the router is that it costs a bit high. According to me, when you get a quality product, why go for the cheaper ones. The cheap routers might bring in various problems, like slowing of the internet or it might even crash as well.
There are certain points to remember when you go for routers. If there is a need to connect your system within a room, cheap wireless router can do good. There is no need to go for the costlier ones when you can fix all your problems with the cheap accessories. But when it comes to maximum usagelike video streaming, a lot of online activities or any other heavy usage of Internet, you must go for CISCO Linksys E4200. This will provide you with the best service and therefore give you a great Internet speed.
CISCO provides a typical Broadcomfragment set which includes on-board vigillance amplifier. But this new merchandise from CISCO comes with onboard more absolute amplifier. The numerous amplifiers provides expanded coverage and uprageded performance.The E4200 comes with two magnitude bands, viz: 2.4 GHz and 5.2 GHz. These two bands provide the best service to the users and speeds up broadcasting. Moreover, if you ever face any problem with the router or the speed you can always seek for help from tech support from the vendors.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

iPhone vs Google Nexus: Nexus comes out victories!!!

Apple iPhone is undoubtedly the first choice of mobile lovers. It provides the best service to the people and it is one of the reasons why people crave for iPhones. But now with the introduction of Google Nexus, the mindset of the people have changed. It is now called as the iPhone killer and the features it provides proves the myth.
According to the various surveys, Google Nexus is anticipated to be motorized by either Texas Instrument’s OMAP4460 chip or by an ultra low-power 28nm Krait Snapdragon processor from Qualcommwhich runs at 1.2 GHz with android 4.0 OS. Moreover it will provide tremendous speed with 1GB RAM. Earlier, Nvdia’s quad-core chip was to be used in Google Nexus, but now it is anticipated that Google Nexus will be powered by Texas.
The craze for iPhone might just come to an end with the introduction of this monster. It is a smartphone with 720p HD”monster-sized” screen. It has some great features, such as the 4G LTE, 1080p Video pplayback quality. Again it also provides 5mp of excellent camera with dynamic picture qualilty. Again the 1MP camera is also provided at the front so that you can have a clear video chat. It is also expected that there might be 3D features along with OpenGL head tracking for facial expressions.
But iPhone 5 includes an A5 processor with large screen and cloud integration as well. Now the foremost feature which makes Nexus over iPhone is that, Nexus with 1.2 or 1.5 GHz dual core processor. This makes Nexus over iPhone over iPhone.
Moreover with the 3D features included with the Nexus and the open source OS makes it a iPhone killer. Now it is not long when people start choosing Nexus over iPhones.