Monday, June 27, 2011

Mobile Security threats finally overcame!!!

Do you have problems with your mobile phone? Is malware a big problem for you? Android phones have become very common to the people and there are various applications as well which affect the android. There are different types of antivirus which promise to kill the malwares and bring the malicious apps to an end. You always ponder on the various antivirus found in the market and hence these virus removal tools promise to make your mobile free from viruses and malwares.

But there are much more threats then simply malwares and anti viruses. There is a great threat of your mobile being stolen. So in order to keep your mobile aloof from all these worries, get the latest mobile security provided by ESSET.

ESSET mobile security for mobile offers various useful functions like anti theft, call blocking, sms blacklisting and much more. This application is found free and moreover it is found in the beta version. This is a quite useful device and when installed, immediately shows the threats. There are various options which provide the anti theft, anti malware and other useful features. The anti theft security makes it a great security application. The people across the world are in a fix about losing their cell phones and thus do not go for costly phones. Let me explain about the anti theft feature. When your mobile is lost and the SIM is changed, the ESSET mobile security locks the phone and an alert message is sent to a defined number in the security system.

ESSET not only makes it easier for you to safeguard against theft but also protects your mobile from the security threats.

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