Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Security threats for iphone and Google Android!!!

Now-a-days most of the people across the world take The Google Android Smart phone to be better than iphone. There are various sources that compare the phones and there are various reasons why the android Smartphone is better than iphone. The operating systems are also quite different and therefore the users are quite happy to use the Google android Smart phone. The operating systems of the iphone and the Google Nexus are quite secured as they are designed by keeping security in mind. The operating system used in these phones is superior even to the traditional desktops. According to Symantec, the operating system used in these phones is faster and better than the operating system used in the traditional desktops.

It is found that apple has a better access control over provenance and encryption in iOS and it provides enhanced security to the phone. But Google is better at application isolation. A 23-paged “whitepaper” was released by Symantec which had the detailed result on the various virus attacks, malware attacks and spywares. The mobile’s data integrity and social engineering attacks are also found to be the main problems to these two operating systems.

Apple has provided the people with a list on which applications are to be used on the phone but it is not the case with Google. There are no such listed applications for the Google Android, and therefore the users can go for any applications which run on their phone. So you can choose amongst the best phone for you.

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