Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaders in Software Services-Microsoft is the best!!!

Software business is one of the most instantly changing fields and therefore the people across the world have migrated to it. It is now driven by innovation, creativity and technological evolution. The list of best software producers who are amongst the top 10 companies, have been contributing the most in the field of software. These software producers have almost half of the software revenues of the market. These companies provide technical support to the customers as well.

1. Microsoft: Microsoft is undoubtedly the best and the largest producer of new software. It has crossed an amount of $45 billion for software revenue worldwide and therefore it is termed as the best and the largest producer of the software. According to Microsoft their best buy is Skype and other VoIP software. Microsoft owned Skype for $8.56 million. The main motive of Microsoft behind going for Skype was to keep it aloof from Facebook and Google. Again Microsoft has some other plans as well. The telephone infrastructure of Skype could be used to enhance live messenger and Windows Phone 7.

2. IBM : This software giant, is undoubtedly one of the oldest in the software and the hardware field. IBM is now the 2nd largest software service provider with worldwide software revenue of $20 billion. If you have a look at the market trend of IBM it is not as good as Microsoft.

3. Oracle : Oracle is the largest database management system provider in the world. Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems made it contribute to the hardware world as well. It is the 3rd largest company when it comes to software revenue.

4. EMC : EMC is the primary producer of commercial data storage equipment. But it has also contributed towards the software services. It has $6 billion in worldwide software revenue and therefore it has been one of the leading software service providers.

5. Symantec : Symantec is mainly known for the security software. It is quite popular for Norton Antivirus. It is a pure software company whose complete turnover comes from software. It has $5.6 billion revenue and comes amongst the top five best software service companies.

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