Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Windows Phone 7: Some new Windows Phone 7 apps!!!

With the inception of Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 7, the craze for Windows phone has increased a lot. But Windows Phone 7 is not officially supported in mainland China. This has made most of the useful and sweet looking Windows Phone 7 applications unavailable in this part of the world.
But there are some very cute looking apps developed by the Chinese companies for WP7. These apps are handy as well as cute. These applications are of different types and they make using WP7 easier.
1. QQ Browser
The QQ Browser is a brand new product launched by Tencent in order to give browsing in a Windows Phone 7, a complete new edge. This application is a complete new introduction to the market with v1.0.0. According to the reviews, it is one of the best and has a restricted selection to one side from mobile IE.
2. QQ instant-messenger
Tencent’s new application, QQ instant-messenger is an omnipresent WP7 application. This application gives a major boost to the platform and hence every user of the phone uses the QQ applications. It is so because of the features which QQ apps provide the user.
3. Tudou.com
Tudou.com is basically a video sharing site and a playing app, which is developed by indie developer. This application can not only be used with WP7 but also with android as well as with iphone. Tudou has released some of the screenshots of the application.
4. Jiayuan.com
Jiayuan.com is a dating site and a functional application for Windows Phone 7. This is a fully functional application for those who enjoy flirting and wooing.
5. Sina Weibo
Sina Weibo is the most used twitter clone and micro blogging application. Sina Weibo has enhanced access to complete tweeting searching and follower management feature. Moreover this application has an HQ access and it is quite handy as well.

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