Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mac book Air vs Sony Viao Z

Sony Viao Z is one of the best and one such laptop which challenges Macbook. The features in Sony Viao Z are simply awesome and they are almost same or better than Mac book. Again the design of this laptop is simply awesome and therefore it sends a message to Apple, to re-think about the design.

Sony’s latest Z series, as per the published stipulations, is certainly over Mac book Air. Sony has stepped a foot forward, when it comes to design. The design of Sony Viao Z is better than Mac and now Apple needs to re-think about slimmer options. But the updates and class of Apple are great and if Sony is to challenge Apple, they need to be much focused. The Mac book Air has a great software support and it depends on how Apple tackles with its update.
Let’s draw a comparison between the Sony Viao Z and Mac book Air…

13.3 inch Sony Viao

Ø Chassis: 0.66 inches thick, 2.6 pounds, carbon filter.

Ø Graphics: Internal Intel Sandy Bridge, external AMD 6650M GPU.

Ø Processor: Sandy Bridge Core i5, i7 standard voltage.

Ø Storage: solid-state drive only, up to 512GB.

Ø Connector: Light Peak, aka Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0 on dock.

Ø Broadband: Option for Wireless WAN.

Ø Display: 13.3 inch, up to 1600x900 resolutions.

Ø Battery: internal battery rated at 7hours.

Ø OS: Windows 7

Ø Price: As announced in Europe, standard configuration starts at over $3,000.

13.3-inch MacBook Air:

Ø Chassis: 0.68 inches thick, 2.9 pounds, aluminum.

Ø Graphics: Internal Intel Sandy Bridge.

Ø Processor: Sandy Bridge Core i series.

Ø Storage: solid-state drive only.

Ø Connector: Thunderbolt.

Ø Broadband: N/A.

Ø Display: 13.3-inch, up to 1440x900 resolutions.

Ø Battery: internal battery rated at 7 hours.

Ø OS: OS X Lion.

Ø Price: Standard configuration $1,299.

In all the fields other than price and Operating system, Sony is one foot ahead of Apple, but while buying a laptop, these two criterions are the most important. So it is up to you what you go with.

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