Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Antivirus: Get for free now!!!

Antivirus is the part and parcel of a computer. There is a need of antivirus, in order to keep the computer safe. If you do not have an anti-virus in your system, your computer might be in risk. Antivirus have been very common after “I Love You” virus. The use of antivirus has increased enormously since the recent past. But the era of using paid antivirus is almost over.

According to the data collected by software management vendor, OPSWAT, from March to May 2011, the best antivirus used worldwide is Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Avast, Norton, and McAfee. These antiviruses have been the most effective and the people across the world have been using them. Out of these antivirus, three of them are free and so most of the people go for the free versions.

The greatest sensation in the field of antivirus came when Microsoft Security Essentials was launched as a free antivirus by Microsoft in 2009. The antivirus market took a hit and hence the antivirus prices dropped enormously. Again, most of the antiviruses were found free as well. Microsoft is the greatest designer of Operating systems and with the inception of Microsoft Security Essentials it proved that if it can design operating systems then it can also go for antiviruses. McAfee, after being acquired by Intel also gave a huge boost to the antivirus market by providing its services for free. Now most of the people use McAfee.

Now-a-days, when it comes to pc based antivirus, almost all the antivirus companies are struggling. Kaspersky, the best seller at one time is also struggling to get its products to the people. Moreover the online technical support provided by the various third party companies has also made it difficult for the vendors to sell their antivirus kits. So now-a-days the paid antiviruses are going towards extinction and the new era of free antivirus has started.

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