Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Repair PC Security after a Virus Attack

repair pc security after a virus attack
After a virus attack, Windows always gets damaged and with problems involving the registry and/or our folders and documents. Viruses change many different settings on your computer so that the virus can steal information and download additional files to your computer. Repairing your PC’s security after a virus attack needs to be a top priority to prevent further virus attack and infection. Follow the given steps to repair your PC security after a virus attack.

Step1: update antivirus can easily protect virus, so you should update your antivirus software. Just click on the update button on the start page.

Step2: Online virus is most dangerous for your pc. When update is completed then disconnect your computer from internet. You don't want your computer to be infected with another virus through your modem while your security settings are still compromised.

Step3: After updating the software, you should restart your computer and hold down F6 to activate Safe Mode. Scan the system again in Safe Mode.

Step4: Again restart your computer normally and access your security settings through the Control Panel in the Start menu. Click on the Security Center and click on the Firewall to make sure it is enabled.

Step5: after completing the all above steps, then reconnect your system to the internet connection. Try to update your browser, which give better performance and closed the previous security breaches.And try to follow the given points.

  • Avoid Sharing Files via Unsecured Wireless Network
  • Install Good Antivirus on Your PC
  • Always Update Your Antivirus Software
  • Avoid Transferring Data via Strange Removable Disks
  • Avoid Browsing the Internet without Antivirus on Your PC

If you are unable to solve this problem then you can take online virus removal support from technical support company. To get online virus removal support, you can reach  online technical support service desk  from V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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