Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to Fix McAfee Security Center

fix McAfee Security Center
McAfee Security Center is a security package that includes antivirus and Internet protection suites to protect your computer from every day viruses, trojans, spyware, spam and malware. McAfee programs with time become corrupt from system changes, registry errors and begin to freeze, leaving your computer vulnerable to malicious attacks. Troubleshooting your McAfee Security Center helps fix common problems to ensure that your computer remains protected.

Step1: Any other antivirus programs besides McAfee security center causes conflicts. To uninstall these programs, from Windows "Start" button and click the "Control Panel." Double-click "Add or Remove Programs" to open the programs window. Select programs and click "Remove" to uninstall it from your computer.

Step2: Run a registry cleaner program to fix missing McAfee Security Center dll files and extensions. Mainly most of the errors with McAfee occur in the registry, and repairing the registry will solve a great deal of problems. If you do not have a registry cleaner, download free registry cleaner and install it.

Step3: After install registry cleaner, click the "Registry" button on the left panel. Click "Scan for issues." CCleaner will search the registry for corrupt McAfee files. Then click "Fix selected issues" when the scan is complete and click "Yes" to back up your registry.

Step4: Click on the "Fix all Selected Issues" option when the backup will complete and click "OK" to repair the corrupt McAfee registry entries.

Step5:  Download any available updates, patches and fixes if there are any from the McAfee website. To check for updates, navigate to the McAfee support page and click "Downloads" to see if there are any available security updates.

Step6:  Uninstall and reinstall your McAfee programs as a final resort if all other troubleshooting attempts fail. To uninstall your McAfee programs, click the Windows "Start" button and click the "Control Panel."

Step7: Double click on "Add or Remove Programs" to open the programs window. Scroll through and click the McAfee program you want to uninstall. Click “Remove." Option Perform the same procedure to uninstall other McAfee programs. After completing the all steps, restart your computer.

Step8: Insert your McAfee installation disk into the computer CD-ROM drive to re-install the McAfee programs. If you purchased a download, navigate to the McAfee website to download and install your McAfee programs.

Note: To get McAfee tech support ,you can reach online technical support service desk of V tech-squad at their Toll Free No +1-877-452-9201.

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