Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Connect your iPhone to the Internet

Many of your iPhone's features viz. emails, browsing etc. require an Internet connection. Your iPhone has an integrated Wi-Fi capability. When you need Wi-Fi Internet access, you can connect wherever free Wi-Fi access is available. Follow the given steps to connect your iPhone to the Internet.

How to Connect your iPhone to the Internet
Step1: Connect your device to your current Wi-Fi network, tap Settings > Wi-Fi.

Step2: Turn on your Wi-Fi network. It may be necessary to enter a password (Depending on the Wi-Fi network).

Step3: When it is connected to the network, the Wi-Fi icon displays the connection strength.

Step4: Now you will see the correct settings viz. IP-Address, Default gateway, etc.

Step5: You can also disconnect the Internet connection from Settings tab and sliding the Wi-Fi button to OFF.

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