Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Fix a Virus-Infected Computer

A virus- or malware-infected PC can do everything from running slow to putting sensitive information on your computer at risk. Computers can get viruses in several different ways viz. via the Internet or an already infected external device. Follow the given steps to fix your infected computer.

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Step1:  Find the process which is using maximum resources in your computer. Try to delete this process from DOS window. From Start menu->click Run-> Type cmd and press OK.

Step2: Type 'attrib/s -h -s -r 'file name’’ for displaying the attributes of the virus file. Hit Enter after typing the command. Now to delete the virus, type 'del drive name\'file name’.

Step3: For example there is an Autorun.inf virus in your computer that you want to delete. You will type ‘attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf’ and hit Enter. Afterwards, you will type ‘del c:\autorun.inf’.   This command assumes that the virus resides in the C:\ drive. You can change the drive letter accordingly.
Step4:  If antivirus is installed your computer then update it first and run a full virus scan on your computer.

Step5: If antivirus is not installed then install one on your computer. Remove unwanted programs from Control  panel.

Step6: If the virus in your computer does not allow you to install the anti-virus, then restart the computer in safe mode.  After successful booting of the system install the antivirus application in safe mode and then restart the computer in normal mode. Run the scanner and check for detection of virus.

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