Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What are 6 types of Computer Crime?

Computer crime refers to any crime which is involved illegal exploitation of computer technologies, usually involving the Internet, to support crimes such as fraud, identity theft, sharing of information, and embezzlement.

Example  computer crime are:

  • Fraud achieved by the manipulation of computer records.
  •  Spamming wherever outlawed completely or where regulations controlling it are violated.
  •  Deliberate circumvention of computer security systems.
  •  Unauthorized access of your program
  •  Intellectual property theft, including software piracy.
  •  Industrial espionage by means of access to or theft of computer materials.
  •  Identity theft where this is accomplished by use of fraudulent computer transactions.
  • Writing or spreading computer viruses or worms.
Major six type of computer crime are give below:

 Hacking a website or a system: computer hacker group that claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks, including the compromise of user accounts. The group has been described as a "cyber terrorism group" by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after their systems were compromised and information leaked

Phishing: Phishing  define the activity on sensitive  information like usernames, passwords and credit card like other account related source which should be secure . Phishing is carried out through emails  or any fake website.

Spamming: Spam is the use of electronic systems which is including broadcast media,any digital delivery system to send  bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam.

Cyberstalking: The use of communication technology, mainly the Internet, to disturbing other individuals is known as cyberstalking. False accusations, transmission of threats and damage to data and equipment fall under the class of cyberstalking activities. Cyberstalkers often target the users by means of chat rooms, online forums and social networking websites to gather user information and harass the users on the basis of the information gathered.

virusSpreading computer virus: Computer viruses are computer programs which can harm the computer systems on a network without the knowledge of the system users. Viruses spread to other computers through network file system, through the network, Internet or any other like removable devices like USB drives and CDs. Computer viruses are after all, forms of programming codes written with an aim to harm a computer system and destroy information.

Identity Theft: This is one of the most serious frauds as it involves stealing money and obtaining other benefits through the use of a false identity. Identity may be bank account id and password or any other identity. It is one type of Illegal work; terrorism and blackmail are often made possible by means of identity theft.

The different types of computer crimes involve an illegal exploitation of the computer and communication technology for criminal activities. You can help online to access your emails or search for various like favorite music numbers, online databases, free online virus scanner,online virus removal support service, and free virus removal software among other things.

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